Onsite Staffing

SaferWay Delivers Personalized Onsite Support on a Recurring Schedule.

At SaferWay Technologies, we are a firm believer that nothing takes the place of face-to-face help. Our onsite staffing service gives your staff and our team the opportunity to form a personalized working relationship and keeps your business running at full speed.

Our Onsite Staffing service include:

  • IT Professionals staffed at your office
  • On-the-spot help
  • Scheduled, recurring visits
  • IT department for your business
  • Pay for only the onsite hours you need
  • No trip charges
  • Excellent pricing

Call SaferWay Technologies at (888) 206-1688 or email us at info@saferwayit.com to start working with a trusted technology partner that gives you the best results in the industry.


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