IT Support for Healthcare Practices

SaferWay understands the need for customized and strategic IT in the healthcare industry.

Your patients rely on you not only to provide the best care possible but also to keep their sensitive information safe and secure.

We offer that IT services and support that you need to meet your industry demands and remain fully compliant, while working with the right tools, specifically designed to make your processes easier and more efficient. SaferWay Technologies prides itself in being a HIPAA compliant IT provider, ensuring you and your patients are always protected.

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In the event of an information breach, healthcare providers stand to face a lot more than lost wages and compliance fines – you’re also faced with reputation damage and loss of credibility, which can be disastrous to a practice. We work to ensure your operations are HIPAA compliant, with strategic practices and procedures in place to protect important data and processes.

When working with SaferWay Technologies your practice will benefit from:

  • Strategic guidance and support to ensure you’re using the right tools and processes to keep your information properly protected.
  • Regular testing to ensure any and all risks or vulnerabilities are quickly eliminated so that patient data remains safe and secure.

SaferWay Technologies takes the worry out of IT in the healthcare industry, ensuring everything is properly accounted for. We help you keep your data secure and compliant, so you are able to focus on patient care.

When you’re ready to increase efficiency around your practice and gain peace of mind knowing that your client data is properly protected, contact SaferWay Technologies at (888) 206-1688 or send an email directly to for the healthcare IT that you need.


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