IT Policies and Procedures

SaferWay Creates IT Policies and Procedures for Healthcare Businesses

For healthcare organizations, IT Policies and Procedures are not just a good thing to have; they are a required by HHS and the Office of Civil Rights. SaferWay works closely with our clients to review, update, and create formally documented IT Policies and Procedures.

  • Creation of IT Policies and Procedures
  • Developing a HIPAA Compliance program
  • Refining employee hiring and termination processes
  • Incident Response planning
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning
  • Centralized storage of all IT Policies and Procedures

Is your healthcare practice struggling with your HIPAA compliance program? SaferWay knows how to quickly address all the elements you need for operational compliance.

Contact SaferWay today at 888-206-1688.  We’ll help you establish and maintain a culture of compliance, plus handle all the paperwork for you.  


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