HIPAA Risk Assessments

SaferWay Helps Medical Practices Identify And Resolve HIPAA Compliance and Security Risks

SaferWay has the training and skillset required to conduct a thorough assessment of HIPAA Security Risk Assessment for your healthcare organization. Our assessment report provides extensive detail on our findings and with easy to follow, cost effective recommendations.

  • Qualified experts to conduct the HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Identify Administrative, Physical, and Technical risks
  • Detailed report of our findings (required to keep this annual report on file)
  • Assistance mitigating and eliminate risks
  • Assistance creating a HIPAA compliance program
  • Affordable pricing

Is it time for your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment? Trust SaferWay to handle identifying HIPAA compliance risks and resolving the issues found.

Call SaferWay Technologies at (888) 206-1688 or email us at info@saferwayit.com to complete your HIPAA Risk Assessment and improve your operational compliance.


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